Information for Presenters

Information for Session Presenters

The official language of the symposium is English. All the presenters should prepare their presentation materials and bring them to the symposium site. The papers are to be presented in either "Oral Sessions" or "Poster Sessions".

Guideline for Oral Presentations

The time length of an oral presentation is 20 minutes, including a 5-minute discussion. As for the Plenary Sessions, the time length of each talk is 40 minutes, including a 10-minute discussion.

Each session room will be equipped with a computer and an LCD projector. The operating system for the session room computer will be Microsoft Windows 7, with Microsoft Power Point 2010 and Adobe Acrobat Reader X installed. All the presentation materials need to be compatible with these applications.

Each session room computer will be equipped with USB ports to read a USB flash memory stick. The presenter must load the presentation file by him/herself onto the computer through the media. The presentation file should be named using the Presentation Number and the presenter's family name; if the presentation number is "S1_1" and the presenter's name is "Hiroshima," the file name should be "S1_1_Hiroshima.ppt." Put underscores (_) instead of hyphens (-) for the file name. Be sure to put the file into the folder of your session, which should be found on the desktop of the session room computer.

The presenters should load the presentation data onto the session room computer during the break time before the session.

The presenters must gather in the scheduled session room 15 minutes before the start of the session, where they can meet the session chairs and confirm the presenterfs names and the paper titles.

In general, it is not recommended to connect your own computers to the projector in the session room. Note that no additional time will be allotted for making or undoing such connections. If you exceptionally need to do this, you should do a test on connecting your computer to the projector in the Rehearsal Room prior to the start of your session. Note that the computer must have a socket for an RGB connector (D-sub 15) to be plugged in, but not all computers are guaranteed to be connected to the projector at the symposium site. You should bring the presentation data in a USB flash memory stick just in case.

Please be aware that no overhead projectors will be available.

Use large fonts so they can be read without major effort: typically, at least a 20-point font should be used (and 28 points as a minimum font size is better). Be sure to use standard True Type font for Power Point presentations. Also please do not use local language fonts because such fonts may not be installed in the session room computer.

Guideline for Poster Presentations

Each poster board is 210 cm high (about 82.7 inches) and 140 cm wide (about 55.1 inches). These poster boards are made of composite materials, not suitable for mounting presentations with push-pins. Instead, Scotch tape will be prepared for each poster board at the Poster Session room. A sign of the Presentation Number will be set on each poster board.

Each poster should be headed by the title of the paper, the names of the authors, and their affiliations. Small figures and too much text should be strictly avoided.

The Poster Sessions will be held at two different places;
  - Poster Session (1) (papers of the YSA awardees): "Aki Grand Hotel" on May 22, 2013
  - Poster Session (2) (papers other than the YSA awardees'): "International Conference Center Hiroshima" on May 23, 2013

Poster Session (1) (papers of the YSA awardees)

Poster Session (1) will be held at Aki Grand Hotel on May 22, 2013. Aki Grand Hotel is located near the island of Miyajima, one of the World Heritage sites, about 20 km apart from the symposium venue, International Conference Center Hiroshima. On the morning of May 22, 2013, all the poster presenters for "Poster Session (1)" must gather in front of the entrance hall of International Conference Center Hiroshima at 8:45. Some buses (free of charge) will be prepared for all the presenters and participants of EMTS 2013 to go to Aki Grand Hotel, leaving at 9:00 AM and probably arriving around 10:00 AM. (The Plenary Sessions and the Poster Session (1) will be held at Aki Grand Hotel. After the Poster Session (1), all the EMTS 2013 participants are encouraged to enjoy a leisurely walk on the island of Miyajima.)

(*Detailed schedule for this day will be updated later.)

Poster Session (2) (papers other than the YSA awardees')

Poster Session (2) will be held at International Conference Center Hiroshima on May 23, 2013.

(*Detailed schedule for this day will be updated later.)

See also: the map in Venue & Travel Info. page.