Entry Visa to Japan

In principle, foreigners wishing to enter Japan (with the exception of ship and airline crews) are required to apply at an overseas Japanese diplomatic establishment (embassy or consulate) for a visa to be stamped in or attached to their passport valid for travel to Japan.

Nationals of some countries and regions holding valid passports, however, can apply for landing permission for short-term stays for such purposes as sightseeing and business trips without obtaining a visa.

Please see the following webpage for the "list of countries and regions that have visa exemption arrangements with Japan."

If you are not sure whether you need a visa to enter Japan or not, please contact the Japanese diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate) in your country or in your living area.

In case you need an entry visa to Japan, you will be required to submit two documents, both written in Japanese, to the Japanese diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate):

- an invitation letter by the symposium (EMTS 2013)
- a detailed schedule during your stay in Japan

All the presenters (presenting authors), session conveners, session chairs, committee members of EMTS 2013, and their acquaintances or family members can obtain these documents from the EMTS 2013 Steering Committee under the condition that they...
(1) complete the Pre-Registration with all payments done, and
(2) have all the travel arrangements completed to stay in Japan, such as hotel accommodations and airline tickets.

You can request for the two documents by sending the completed "INVITATION LETTER FOR VISA APPLICATION" Request Form to the EMTS 2013 Japan Secretariat. It will take "10 days" or so for the documents to be prepared and sent to you by Fedex or EMS.

Also, please note that it usually takes about "1 week" for a visa to be issued after you apply for one at the Japanese diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate) in your country or in your living area, and an issued visa will be valid for only "3 months."

It is recommended that you start preparing for your visa application at the beginning of February, 2013, or even later, but the completed Request Form must be sent to the Secretariat no later than April 30, 2013. After you have fulfilled the two conditions above, please go on to the following page: